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"I liked learning about investing"


"I liked learning how to save"


"Class helped me better understand money"


"I liked the games"


"I learned how to save money in a better way"


"The goal setting made me realize how important saving is and how important my needs and wants are"

"It was useful to learn how to save money"

"The class was fun and a lot to take in"

"I liked learning new things for the future"

Norwalk High School
Individual Client

"After an initial meeting with Sam, we realized that I was very knowledgeable in some areas and very weak in other areas. After our initial session, she tailored her our sessions together - giving me actionable advise on my weaker areas -- how to put together a budget, how to assess the risks and rewards of various long-term and short-term financial decisions, and how to prioritize between wants and needs. 


I am much better able to manage my everyday budget. I have long been working toward a career change, was hesitant to do it because of the financial uncertainty of doing so. Now it is a clear possibility in the not too distant future."

— Carolyn

... and testimonials
Boys & Girls Club

"We learned in a fun way and we connected experiences to make better choices next time"


"I liked the class bc it finally taught me about money"


"I hope to do this class again"


"I learned new things & it wasn't boring"

Future 5

"I liked how we could ask many different questions"


"Good information for my life"